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This website is devoted to various matters related to using computers in exploration geophysics and geology. We try to collect all related information including but not limited to: high-performance computing in geophysical data processing, imaging, modeling, data formats, building maps, etc. See the links to the main resources in the left column.

SEG Standards seems to be the most important link according to my experience, as it seems only a few software packages output SEG-Y files respecting the standard. The things are even worse for SEG-D. Other widely used formats include SEG SPS for recording field geometries for land seismic surveys and UKOOA P1/90 for recording processed navigation for marine seismic surveys.

SEG points to the website of Society of Exploration Geophysics, and EAGE points to the website of European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers. Both websites contain bulks of useful information, such as conference announcements, industry news, online resources (although, some of them for members only).

Geo Benchmark is a set of simple tests enabling to estimate your computer's performance in terms of its applicability to seismic data processing.



Cluster disk I/O test added. See file_cluster_benchmark.c for the details.


Multi-CPU + memory test added based on the SRMP 2D algorithm. See srmp_x86.c for the details.


Multi-CPU test was optimized for Intel C compiler. Thanks to Intel ICSC CRT Team: Justin Chen, Wang Zhe, Qiao Nan, Mao Xiaowei, and others. See mig_benchmark.c for the details.

Feb-03-2007 Feb-18-2007

Pure CPU performance test fixed in Geo Benchmark.


Multi-CPU test in Geo Benchmark is finally here.


File access performance tests updated in Geo Benchmark


New minimalistic design of the English main page.

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